COVID-19 Pandemic: data that will save lives & the economy

PANDA’s analysis of the human & economic cost of an extended lockdown

The Great Barrington Declaration

Advocates a Focused Protection approach to the pandemic. Protect the vulnerable. Open society.

Pandemics ~ Data & Analytics (PANDA)

Our mission is simple. We see in lockdown and its related intrusions on civil liberties a serious threat not only to lives but to civilization itself. This threat must be resisted.

Our view is that at this juncture, the science is quite clear on what key policy responses should be—or should have been. But this is no longer about the science, if it ever was. What is required now is a mobilisation against what is essentially an enormous public relations machine that is fuelling fear and removing agency from people’s lives the world over.

PANDA was established in March 2020 to replace bad science with good science in the quest for better policy in light of the Covid epidemic in South Africa. Our policy recommendations centred around a targeted response to Covid being more sensible than draconian lockdown and regimes of social distancing, contact tracing, immunity passports and the like. PANDA’s hard-working membership has grown and we have been very active in research and media. We have appeared more than a hundred times on television and radio and written dozens of articles and papers, many of which are linked on our website. Our webinars and podcasts have enjoyed hundreds of thousands of views, and in South Africa we have come to be seen as the credible voice of reason on all matters related to the pandemic, despite aggressive attempts to silence us.


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Examining Excess Deaths Reporting

Examining Excess Deaths Reporting

There is a persistent narrative that South Africa’s official COVID-19 death tally is significantly undercounted because reported excess deaths are higher than the official COVID-19 death toll. It is time to dispel  the  three most prominent myths around South Africa’s excess death reporting.

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PANDA launches Scientific Advisory Board

PANDA launches Scientific Advisory Board

Pandemics ~ Data & Analytics (PANDA) is proud to announce the formation of the PANDA Scientific Advisory Board. The Board will reinforce PANDA’s credentials and mission to provide independent, accurate and scientific analysis by reviewing research produced by the organisation to ensure accuracy in its scientific analysis.

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Analysing data to understand

PANDA was founded to challenge the groupthink that permeates the global response to Covid-19. This response to the Covid-19 “Panic Pandemic” has been founded on counterknowledge : misinformation packaged to look like fact.
We face not a virus, but a pandemic of credulous thinking and action.

We are fortunate to live in an era where the techniques and the data are available to evaluate the truth or falsehood of claims. History will reflect with astonishment at the goings on in 2020, we cannot wait for that inevitable outcome. We challenge for rationality in the here and now.

Understanding “Years of Life Lost”

Our estimates show South Africa’s lockdown will cause a loss of life at least 29 times greater than the loss of life it stands to prevent.

Years of life lost is an analysis that calculates the number of years of life lost when someone dies due to an incident, compared with that person’s remaining life expectancy at the point of death.

This figure can be measured across a population to estimate the aggregate years of life lost (YLL) to an impact.

Estimates show, of the jobs lost due to a continued lockdown, around 500,000 will be unlikely to return quickly.

These jobs indirectly support approximately two million people and will disproportionately affect poorer and more vulnerable populations. As a result, the proportion of people living just above the poverty threshold will fall into poverty.

The lockdown needs to be ended, the economy restarted and government and all South Africans need to implement behavioural changes that can curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Panda’s report has been shared widely with government and business in the hope that our data will inform decision-making in the highest offices and offset the potential emerging humanitarian crisis.


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